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  • Anime Fighting Jam - NEW VERSION 2 Anime Fighting Jam - NEW VERSION 2 53898 plays Cool!!! Anime Fighting game featuring Naruto! Similar to King of Fighters.

    If you like this game, remember to tell your friends, so that they can challenge you!
  • Super Smash Brothers Flash 2 Super Smash Brothers Flash 2 41314 plays Mario, Kirby, Link, Sonic, Naruto, Megaman, Ichigo and Lloyd! - Super Smash Bros. Brawl on PC in flash! Great Demo by McLeod Gaming. Stay tuned for his new updates!
  • King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION 3 King of Fighters WING - NEW VERSION 3 30736 plays In King of Fighters WING game you will choose character and other characters fight to win or play against the computer
  • King of fighters wing - new version 2 King of fighters wing - new version 2 26902 plays Best and latest version of the classic King of Fighters series game including Ryu.

    - Released all 7 characters,with 5 hidden type characters
    - Added new effects
    - Added new stages
    - Improved "Simple Key Mode", launching skills with one key is possible

    This game is an extremely large file (14.59 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load.
    Please be patient.
  • Air Raid Basketball Air Raid Basketball 25303 plays This is not a professional basketball team, but each of us have the passion, you can participate in this game to pass the test when challenged with other players or with computer.
  • Super Smash Brothers Flash Super Smash Brothers Flash 24147 plays (This game is an extremely large file, and will take a long while to load (8.45 Megabytes) Approx 17 minutes on a dial-up modem)
    The game will start with a blank white screen please be patient while the game loads.

    Have you ever played Super Smash Brothers on your N64 or Gamecube? Now u can play it with flash!

  • Death Planet 2: The Forgotten Temple Death Planet 2: The Forgotten Temple 19997 plays Little Prince the second adventure to rescue his beloved princess.
  • Death Planet: The Lost Planet Death Planet: The Lost Planet 19208 plays Kill all the crazy worms, and save your girl!
  • Dragon Ball Z The Flash Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Z  The Flash Super Saiyan 16948 plays Fight the characters of Dragon Ball in this crazy Flash Game Fighting.
  • Armed With Wings 3 Armed With Wings 3 16469 plays Armed with Wings 3 is a sequel of the popular platform action game from the Sun Studios. Hack and slash your way through the dark land with the help of your eagle. Solve puzzles, fight against enemies and finally get your wings back.
  • Sonic Smash Brothers Sonic Smash Brothers 16116 plays Super Smash Bros with Sonic characters. Play with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles and unlock other characters throughout the game.Reach the goal before the timer runs out.
  • Have A Nice Day Have A Nice Day 15436 plays Mow down zombies, dodge George Washington Icaris Arrows, and avoid the T-rex as a ninja.
  • Streets Of Death Streets Of Death 14519 plays Zombies have taken over the city! You are the last cop alive! Keep the zombies at bay while you make your way to the military base in search of backup! Hack and slash zombies on your search for salvation in this total gore-fest!
  • Armor Hero City Stories Armor Hero City Stories 14283 plays Worm monsters has invaded your city. They are dirty and evil. Could you kill them to protect the beautiful city?
  • Kings Island 3 Kings Island 3 13987 plays Find the great seals of earth to free the beautiful sorcerers.
  • Castle Wars Castle Wars 13852 plays Your goal here is to build a 100-storey castle and you can also win by destroying your opponents castle. You can use the cards in the game to build your castle or fight your enemy. Using these cards will cost you a brick.
  • Mardek Mardek 13127 plays The princess has been held hostage by the dragon at the castle. As two of the bravest men left, you must save her using your physical and magical powers from the dragon before its too late
  • Kings Island 2 Kings Island 2 13098 plays Part II of the King's Island a hack'n'slash action rpg game that uses a simple point and click system.
  • Street Fighter II Flash Street Fighter II Flash 12772 plays Ken and Guile fight it off to the finish.
  • Hong Kong Ninja Hong Kong Ninja 12637 plays An excellent beat-em-up arcade game. Fight your way through the streets of Hong-Kong.
  • Pirates Heart Pirates Heart 12334 plays Kill monsters, collect treasures and find your heart that you have sold the devil himself. The upgrade system allows you to spend coins for additional HP, strength, dexterity and special attacks.
  • Download Fighter Download Fighter 12284 plays Fight with fellow hooligans in the while people are enjoying the game.
  • Combat College Combat College 11624 plays Your job is to beat anyone that comes near you, each level has a hand full enemies waiting to fight you and a boss at the end of each level.
  • Team Killer Team Killer 11604 plays Team Killer is a action game where the main objective is to kill the enemy, obtaining weapons and ammunition to meet the objectives of this addictive game.
  • The Serum The Serum 11473 plays Help Zack to find what's going on in the biomedicine lab where he works. Move with the arrow keys. Press Q to open your inventory. Press the space bar to open the doors. Use the mouse to choose objects from the inventory. Make click to attack. Press R to reload your weapon. Press the Caps lock to turn the light on.
  • Naruto War 10 Naruto War 10 11192 plays Naruto War 1.0 is a game faithful to the original anime. Players can control characters from the anime to conduct different missions, Then upgrade yourself and learn skills.
  • Texas Hold 'Em Texas Hold 'Em 10877 plays The object of this game is to win everyone else's money. The game ends when you run out of money, or when all other player's run out of money. This is one of the best poker games. Enjoy!
  • Assassin SIGMA Assassin SIGMA 10788 plays Assassin and the monster of doom.

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